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These discs and titles are not for sale or rental, they are by fans for fans and are not meant for profit. There's nothing wrong with making copies to give or trade, but if I find you selling or altering the content of these discs to remove proper credits you will get banned from requesting or trading again, and I'll let everyone else know as well. Before you request any discs please read the Request & Trade Info, it also contains pricing information and answers to most questions. If you find that any of these titles are available domestically or have been licensed, please contact me at and let me know so that I may remove them from the list.

Anime Fansubs on DVD

I still have loads of VHS fansubs from back-in-the-days when fansubs used to be spread through VHS, so I may be able to provide some older titles that I don't have here, you might have to ask though. I'm trying to focus more on older series and titles that are less likely to get licensed, which means I don't tend to make DVD's for newer series. I will not distribute any licensed series or movies, please support their domestic release.