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How to Make a Request

Here are the rules and procedures on how to get fansub discs - read them, follow them, and you'll get your anime without any hassle ^_^. Of course, please e-mail me at with any questions before requesting anything. If you plan to use paypal for your request, go ahead and just add each title to your cart and checkout, there's no need to manually e-mail your request to me, but in case the paypal shopping cart is down or you have a special request, these guides are here for you.

  1. I normally only accept requests to shipping addresses in the United States, on occassion I'll accept requests to ship discs to Canada, and I've shipped outside of North America a few times too. The trouble with dealing with foreign requests is with shipping, it's hard for me to give me proper estimates on how much a request will cost outside of the United States and it's usually more of a hassle then I'd prefer to deal with. Those who wish to request shipment outside of the United States MUST send their requests via e-mail to The reason for that is because the paypal shopping cart on this site is designed with pricing for those in the United States and will not give the proper pricing, if you send a request through the paypal shopping cart it will automatically accept the money you send (which would be the wrong price since you didn't ask me about it) and I'll have to refund your payment. To avoid that, please send foreign requests via e-mail, I can't promise I'll accept them but it'll save both you and I the trouble. Also, I absolutely WILL NOT accept requests from Japan - legitimate original DVD's are sold and released there, there's no reason for you to request anime fansubs if you are from Japan.

  2. Read over the FAQ to find out the answers to any questions you might have. More information on pricing is in the Pricing section. If there are any questions left unanswered, or you're uncertain about anything, feel free to e-mail your questions.

  3. Look over the my list of titles and figure out what you'd like. Remember that titles on the Licensed list are NOT available for request! Regardless of whether or not you plan to send reimbursement using paypal, you can go ahead and add titles to your cart to find out what the total cost will be (this is the requests in the United States). At the end, if you plan to pay using cash, money order, or check, you can copy and paste your shopping cart items into your request e-mail.

  4. Now all that's left to do is send in your request! Paypal users can go ahead and just use the paypal shopping cart to send in your request, and pay. For those planning to send payment through snail mail, send an e-mai to with the following information:

    Full name
    Contact e-mail
    Shipping Address
    Method of Reimbursement (cash, money order, check)
    Titles you'd like to request
    Anything else you'd like to add

    Here's the reason why I'm asking for your full name: I once did a trade with someone who was using a different name online, and I didn't know it wasn't their real name. So when I mailed the package, it got returned to me and I had to repay postage. So please use your real name!

  5. Once you have sent in your request, wait 1-3 days for me to respond with an e-mail approving your request. The e-mail will contain information on where to send payment and total reimbursement price.

  6. I will notify you through e-mail when I have received your payment and will begin burning your discs promptly. You will then receive another e-mail with a tracking number after your discs have been shipped. After that, you just have to wait patiently for your fansubs to arrive. Also, please do not bombard me with e-mails on when I'll be shipping your discs or when they'll arrive, I ask that you wait at least 2 weeks from the time I notify you that I've shipped your fansubs to contact me if you haven't received them yet. There was only one occassion where I ever had to take over 3 days to fulfill a request, and that was for a large amount of titles during a very busy school time for me. My turnaround time is usually 1-3 days if I receive your request on a weekday.

  7. Once you receive your discs, I ask that you please check them. I always check the discs before shipping them, but I can't guarantee that I can catch every little problem. If something is wrong with any of your discs, contact me right away and I will replace them.

See there, the procedure is simple and easy to follow. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ's page first to see if it's answered there. If you think you might like to ask for a trade, please visit How to Offer a Trade section.