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Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (or just some facts you might be interested in knowing before requesting). If after reading everything on this page and the How to Request page you still have unanswered questions or you're uncertain about anything, please e-mail me before requesting anything.

  1. Q: Are you reliable? Can I trust you? Do you have any references?

    A: The best references I can probably offer you is my feedback rating on e-bay (my name is kiches-sarjilian). I've sold a few things there before, although not a whole lot, but I am paypal verified. I've also been distributing and trading fansubs since August of 2000, back when fansubs were still on vhs, so I've been doing this a long time. So in short, I believe I'm a very reliable distributor and trader, I just want to spread anime to other fans. I also have feedback on SeraSell under the name "kiches".

  2. Q: Will your DVD fansub discs play on my dvd player?

    A: That depends on your dvd player. I burn dvd's onto DVD-R or DVD+R discs, check or your dvd player's manual to see if it supports DVD-R and DVD+R playback, sometimes the manual will say it won't play a certain format but it actually may be able to, that's why I suggest checking up on your dvd player at If you're a first time requester, I suggest requesting one disc and testing to see if it plays first. All discs should also be playable on computers with a dvd drive as long as you have a program to play DVD's installed.

  3. Q: Will these DVD's play on a foreign dvd players?

    A: Yes, discs should be able to play on any DVD player since all discs I burn are Region 0. Nearly all discs are also NTSC, if not, it should say so.

  4. Q: How many discs can I request at a time?

    A: There is no enforced minimum or maximum amount of discs you can request, however, do keep in mind that the larger the request, the more time I'll need to fulfill it. With the rising cost of postage and the paypal fees, I'm asking that if you plan to put in a request, please request at least 2 discs.

  5. Q: How fast is your turnaround time?

    A: Once I receive payment it will probably take me between 1-3 days to finish burning your discs (depending on how many you've requested). I primarily use media mail (2-9 days) or first class shipping (5-7 days). For orders over $45, I'll do a free upgrade to priority mail (2-3 days). Depending on how far away you are from me, discs can take up to a 2 weeks to reach you (although I doubt it'll take over 10 days). Delivery confirmation will be included in each shipment.

  6. Q: How are the DVD's packaged?

    A: DVD's will normally come with individual paper or plastic sleeves. It minimizes bulk and weight, and jewel cases tend to crack during shippment. Discs are labeled with Sharpie Markers unless you specify that you don't want them labeled by hand. If that's the case, I'll stick a little sticky-note on the outside of the paper sleeve telling you what title the disc is. Right now I can't provide fancy labels since I don't have a label maker, or a good color printer. Discs are usually mailed off packaged in bubblewrap, inside a bubblemailer, a sturdy envelope, or inside a box.

  7. Q: Will you convert Anime Title into a dvd for me?

    A: The answer to that question depends on several things. First, it must be an unlicensed title. I won't even consider it otherwise. Second, I have to have the time to convert it, and source files have to be accessible. That means I can't make DVD's out of digisubs that I can't download, or I can't get my hands on. Other than that, it really depends on how interested I am in the title itself.

  8. Q. Will you subtitle Anime Title?

    A: Once again, th answer to that question depends on a lot of things. I only subtitle dvd's out of personal interest, so that's the largest factor. I'll need video source materials, prefferably R2 DVD's, and a timed script, and of course I'll need time. If you can provide a few of these things for me and I'm interested, I may do it.

Well that's all the questions I can think of for now, if you have anymore, please ask me.